Example Assignment

Denise’s Network Pyramid

First Level (Top Level)

Me (Denise)

Second Level

Parents, Jason (younger brother), Katie (older sister), Matt (brother in-law), Laverne (sister in-law), Freddie, Nicolas, George, James and Lisa (nephews and niece), Jacob, Jack, Tim, Tina, Olga, Nicole, Jessica (cousins), Mark, Dave, Amy, Tiffany, Jamie, Collin, Ryan (best friends).

Third Level

Jenny, Tiffany V., Sherlanda, Jermaine, Jacky, Meghan, Monica, Jeremy, Jason, Vinnie, Carl, Paul, Johnny, Cindy, Heather, Helen, Tim, Chris, Kevin, Rick, Jim, Hillary, Hal, Harvey, Sean, Lauren, Tilly, Tori, Shannon, Kelly, Brenda, Carrie, Lizzy, Tina, Tammy, Harold, Ben, Lori, Cyndrie, Sarah, Christi, Audrey, Elizabeth, Vicky, Sonya and Joan (classmates and friends).

Fourth Level

Mrs. Barbieri, Ms. Tiffany, Mr. Columbus, Mr. Salvador, Miss Bogota, Miss Frost, Mr. Turkeyham (teachers who I am close to and have had a lot), Courtney, Sarah, Jeremy, Jack, Josh, George, Billy, William, Matt, Natalie, Ben, Michael, Mick, Nick, Taylor, Susan, Sarah, Jason, Jay, Jamie, Jana, Erica, Kevin, Mike, Andy, Jon, Darren, Andrew, Barbie, Jackie, Roxy, Rebecca, Janet, Georgia, Amy, Jane, Jessica, Fred, Tom, Manny, Chenoa, Casey, Cassandra, Jennifer, and Jenna (people I have met at school and at the community center, and who I like, but are not yet friends)

Fifth Level

Dr. Susan Carrotosis (ophthalmologist), Mr. Tom (cafeteria worker), Mrs. Jacobs, Mr. Franklin, Mr. South, Miss Jonas, Ms. Frascator, Coach Longo, Mr. Sean Combs, Ms. Ray, Mr. Benny, Ms. Malik (teachers), Mr. Freise (Principal of my high school), Andre (taxi driver), Tara (bike store clerk), Silvio (pizza guy), Jack (landscaper), Jim (ice cream shop clerk), Ed (physical therapist), Jenny (religious school teacher), Mr. Nick Afflitto (drum teacher), Mr. Michaels (family doctor), Ms. Denise (nurse), Mrs. Jennings (dentist), Jeff (supermarket customer service representative), Ms. Jacky (librarian) and Frank (handyman in my apartment building).

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