Every employer wants to get the most out of their employees. But, what if you notice that an employee is having difficulty seeing, and that this is causing them to be less productive in the work they do? What if a valuable employee expresses concern that they may not be able to continue doing their job? What if that individual has professional knowledge, skills, and contacts you would find hard to replace? As today’s workforce deals with a variety of visual conditions that affect older individuals, this situation has become more and more common.

Fortunately, advances in dealing with vision loss as it relates to the worksite, have come a long way. Both employers and employees are addressing these issues in a more realistic and open fashion. Employers have found that approaching workers with understanding and solutions to these problems can reduce defensive behavior. New technologies, skills, and practical solutions have been developed that will overcome what was once a major problem. Employees can gain confidence and continue to contribute to an organization’s success.