New Video Aims to Improve Employment Opportunities for Blind and Low Vision Workers

Produced by the AFB National Employment Center, A Hire Vision: What Employers Want to Know About Hiring Visually Impaired Workers promotes the benefits of hiring workers who are blind or have low vision, and depicts how visually impaired employees perform their jobs. The video also contains interviews with those employees’ supervisors, and explains how AFB can help employers find what they need to recruit, hire, and retain qualified workers with visual impairments.

Today, the unemployment rate among people with severe visual impairments is five to fifteen times greater than that of the general population, and many of the barriers faced by visually impaired individuals stem from employer fears and negative attitudes.

Contrary to popular belief, blind or visually impaired workers are productively employed in a wide range of occupations, including lawyers, artists, accountants, secretaries, astronomers, customer service representatives, food service workers, and financial analysts—just to name a few.