John Alton Smith Current Address: 1345 High Road South Gainesville, Florida 32611 Previous Address 2245 Old Park Boulevard Jacksonville, Florida 22838 904-544-8686 (home) 904-886-5100 (mobile)

Education and Training

University of Florida Gainesville, FL 32611 352-392-3261 8-2014 – Current Expected graduation 2019 with Bachelor’s in Business Administration Bay High School 335 Winding Road South Jacksonville, FL 22838 Phone: 904-889-0909 Attended 8-2012 through 6-2016 Earned High School Diploma G.P.A. 3.5 Honors: National Honor Society Member 2012-2016

Employment History

Dale’s Christmas Tree Farm 554 Holly Berry Lane Jacksonville, FL 22838 Phone: 904-544-6620 Position title: Greeter Duties: greet and direct customers, answer phone, check out equipment Starting Salary: $10 an hour Final Salary: $10 an hour From: 11-1-2015 To: 12-31-2015 Name of immediate supervisor: Dale Barnes Job title: Owner Reason for leaving: seasonal job Winn Dixie Supermarket 651 Maxwell Place Jacksonville, FL 22838 Phone: 904-544-1122 Position Title: Bagger Duties: bag groceries for customers, carry out bags of groceries, verify prices of items, greet customers and assist them with locating items Salary: $8.50 an hour Final Salary: $8.75 an hour From: 6-15-14 To: 8-1-15 Name of immediate supervisor: Kelly Clark Job title: Store Manager Reason for leaving: Moved to another part of town

Community Service/Volunteer Experience:

Sal’s Thrift Store 776 Michael Drive Jacksonville, FL 22839 Gloria Taylor Volunteer Coordinator Phone: 904-544-0011 100 hours From: 3/2013 To: 8/2013 Duties: greeted and thanked customers, organized and shelved merchandise, performed light cleaning, sorted donations Skills acquired or practiced: customer service, team work, organization and communication


Most Improved Language Arts Student of the Month 9/2016 Perfect Attendance Award 2015, 2016 Principal’s List for Honor Roll 2014, 2015, 2016 Community Service Excellence Award 12/2013


Typing Speed: 60 wpm Proficient in Microsoft Word and Outlook Express Teamwork Problem Solving Communication


Kelly Clark Winn Dixie Supermarkets Store Manager 445 Dixie Drive Jacksonville, FL 33445 878-998-9833 Relationship: Supervisor Known 2 years Gloria Taylor Sal’s Thrift Store Volunteer Coordinator 998 Wood Trail North Jacksonville, FL 33446 878-998-5543 Relationship: Volunteer Supervisor Known 4 years Don Small Bay High School Goal Ball Coach 773 Tiger Wood Drive Jacksonville, FL 33446 878-998-1234 Relationship: Coach Known 3 years