In order to effectively explore careers, it is important to first consider your interests, talents, and values. The article on the Job Seeker’s Toolkit will help you in this process.

Once you are ready to explore further, AFB CareerConnect’s Career Clusters feature allows you to broadly explore career paths by different job fields. Say you’re interested in a career in law—but not necessarily as a lawyer. With Career Clusters, you can explore a number of professional options in the field of law and find a mentor via the industry-specific message boards, in this case, law. Mentors working in each of the different job fields monitor the boards and can help to answer questions you might have.

You also get an overview of each field, followed by a list of different positions in the field you are exploring that includes what those jobs entail. Beneath that list, you’ll find the Mentor Message Boards, where you can connect with a professional in the trade for advice and guidance. Currently, we offer “clusters” in at least 17 different career fields from Art & Entertainment to Writing. Other examples include law, counseling, health, technology, skilled trades and more.

You can search for general career information in three additional ways:

Using any of these approaches, you will find detailed job descriptions, a listing of related jobs, and (if available) workers with visual impairments in the AFB CareerConnect® mentor database doing the job you have selected. Select the mentor link if you’d like to communicate with them by email.

If there are no mentors available in that field, you will find a link titled “Try a new search.”