It’s My Job is a new podcast led by students with visual impairments interviewing adults with visual impairments who have interesting careers or fields of study. Episodes of It’s My Job have the goal of inspiring students to pursue their career goals and supporting teachers in applied ECC skills.  These episodes – available in a dedicated YouTube channel and on the It’s My Job Facebook page – will be a resource for students, teachers, parents, and personnel preparation programs for years to come.

As of today, eleven episodes of the It’s My Job podcast have been recorded and shared on social media:

Episode #27: Carl from Colorado interviews Max from Team USA

Episode 26 # Celebrating 2 years online!

Episode #25: Jen Armbruster (fitness coordinator at the Portland State University)

Episode #24: Mrs. Penn Street (Director of Development and Outreach at Audio Information Network of Colorado)

Episode #23: Mr. Jeff Thom (lawyer and advocacy expert)

Episode #22: Ms. Robin Tueting (goalball medalist and Orientation and Mobility instructor)

Episode #21: Gary O’Donoghue (journalist currently working for BBC News in Washington D.C)

Episode #20: Melody Goodspeed (Major Gifts Specialist of the American Foundation for the Blind)

Episode #19: Sajja Koirala (PhD Communication student at Hawaii University)

Episode #18: Sharon Strzalkowski (information coordinator at a medical school)

Episode #17: Ted Galanos (Accessibility Analyst testing commercial websites and apps and owns his consulting company.)

Episode #16: Dr. Mona S. Minkara (Assistant Professor of Bioengineering and an Affiliate Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Biology)

Episode #15: Peter Altschul (Organization Phycologist, author and musician)

Episode #14: Eliana Mason (goalball athlete of team USA)

Episode #13: Lori Scharff (incentive practitioner, past president of the American Council of the Blind of New York)

Episode #12: Annie Chiappetta (retired family therapist and author and poet)

Episode #11 Ginny Owens, Singer/Songwriter, Author, and Speaker.

Episode #10 Dr. Kirk Adams, President and CEO of the American Foundation for the Blind

Episode #9 Grant Hardy, Bureau Reporter for Accessible Media, Inc.

Episode #8 Chancey Fleet (Assistive Technology Coordinator for the New York Public Library)

Episode #7: Maureen Hayden (Graduate Student, Marine Biologist)

Episode #6: Ray Campbell (Accessibility Analyst for United Airlines)

Episode #5: Áine Kelly-Costello (Graduate Student, Journalist)                    

Episode #4: Madelyn Stafford (Teacher of the Blind and Visually Impaired)

Episode #3: Claire Stanley (lawyer and advocacy expert)

Episode #2: Cynthia Bennett (researcher and technology expert)

Episode#1: Mark Richert, Esq. (lawyer and policy expert)

Interviewees have ranged in age, vision impairments and where they are living and that includes students from Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Guatemala, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. If you want to be part of this podcast experience, please contact us via our e-mail: