Welcome to CareerConnect’s virtual retail/restaurant work site designed to show how to accommodate individuals who have some degree of useable vision. Although not every worker with low vision will need or want every accommodation pictured, we are trying to show you the range of tools available that might benefit such workers.

Retail Worksite for Low Vision Users
cash register bar code scanner laptop/screen magnifier calculator CCTV magnifier digital tape recorder telephone talking scale talking thermometer liquid level indicator microwave

Technology That Might Be Used in a Retail Worksite for Low Vision Users

  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Calculator
  • CCTV/Video Magnifier
  • Laptop/Screen Magnifier
  • Liquid Level Indicator
  • Magnifier
  • Talking Cash Register
  • Talking Microwave
  • Talking Scale
  • Talking Thermometer
  • Telephone