Welcome to CareerConnect’s virtual office designed to show how to accommodate individuals who have very little or no useable vision. Although not every worker with vision loss will need or want every accommodation pictured, we are trying to show you the range of tools available that might benefit such workers. You may access the content by either clicking on the links embedded in the graphic or by selecting objects listed on the accompanying list. The links will take you to written information, videos, or web sites.

In addition, learn what successfully employed blind users of assistive technology have to say In Their Own Words about the devices they use on the job.

One of the great advantages of video is that you can see an actual person, in this instance a CareerConnect mentor who is blind, doing her job in an office setting. You can link here to see Jill Noble, who works for the National Aeronautics and Space Association (NASA) in Cleveland, Ohio, using technology to perform at work.

Virtual Office Illustration - Blind Users

Calculator Reading/Literacy Reading/Literacy Dymo Labeler Headphones and Speakers Headphones and Speakers Scanner/Optical Character Recognition Telephone Rolodex Talking Clock Slate and Stylus Digital Tape Recorder PDA Screen Reader Refreshable Braille and Keyboard Perkins Brailler

Technology That Might Be Used in an Office Worksite for Blind Users

In Their Own Words…

Learn what successfully employed blind users of assistive technology have to say about the devices they use on the job.

“I landed my first clerical job performing data entry within a company that provides support services for insurance companies, such as telephone interviews, paralegal exams, medical records requests, DNA testing, etc. This opportunity gave me important experience working in an office environment using adaptive technology. At this stage, I had lost 95% of my vision, but through the use of JAWS, Open Book, braille, and a small hand-held recorder, I was able to perform my job duties with great ease.”

John D. Lewis, Wildlife Artist

“I use several pieces of technological equipment to perform my job, including a Braille and Speak device and JAWS (Job Access With Speech) software, which actually reads computer documents back to me.”

Richard Scott, WV Division of Highways