Student Employment: A Pathway to Future Careers 

There’s a saying that a job well done is its own reward. But when it comes to student employment, the rewards can be tangible – and valuable.   Lindsay Kerr and Nina Marranca can vouch for that. The two low-vision college students have been working during their higher education. Even an internship can lead to a … Continued

The Show Must Go On: Creativity Overcomes Challenges Posed by a Remote Summer Work

Firsthand Work Experience  My work experience during the 2020 Summer Transition Program was definitely unique and challenging, to say the least. For one thing, my program started up as everyone was making the transition from face-to-face to online/zoom communication.  This was particularly difficult because I was missing human interaction during lockdown and I learn best through face-to-face engagement. But I overcame these challenges and adapted over time by getting used to the idea of online communication for … Continued

Technology in the Workplace–All People Who are Blind or Low Vision Use It: The NRTC is Hoping to Tell Us How

For people who are blind or low vision to be competitive in the labor market, they must have digital proficiency. Digital proficiency requires people to have access technology skills. Access technology (AT) includes both traditional assistive technologies created for people who are B/VI (e.g., screen reader) and mainstream technology with built-in accessibility features (e.g., smartphone … Continued

It’s Never Too Early to Think About Summer: Part 2 Summer Jobs

Spring is here! If you’re like me, you might be thinking about spring break, March Madness, and the Final Four. Plenty of you are also planning end of semester projects and trying to figure out what your summer is going to look like. This a great time to start thinking about some work experience. A … Continued