Second Acts: From Programmer to Braille Transcriptionist

Steve Dresser had a solid career working for 30 years as a computer programmer for the state of Connecticut. But after he retired from the position in 2002, he started his own business: Jennco Productions, which is dedicated to producing high-quality braille materials from electronic documents. Blind since birth due to retinopathy of prematurity, Steve … Continued

Christine Ha, “The Blind Cook,” on Ingredients for Career Success

Among the history-making women worth honoring during Women’s History Month, Christine Ha is a standout.   Known as “The Blind Cook,” Christine is the only blind contestant – and the season three winner – of “MasterChef,” the competitive TV show for home cooks judged by Gordon Ramsay. The show began her long list of accomplishments: author … Continued

For This APH Executive, Taking Chances Led to Career Success 

Paul Schroeder has always been a bit of a risk-taker. Despite losing both his eyes to retinoblastoma – cancer of the retina – by the time he was about two years old, Paul’s parents encouraged him to engage in the same activities his older brothers did. That included riding his bike in the street, climbing … Continued

In Celebration of APH Founders Day: Ken Perry Shares His Success Story

Ever since its founding on January 23, 1858, APH has been showing the country – and the world – what can be achieved by people with vision loss, by providing them with the resources they need to excel. Ken Perry, a software engineer who has worked at APH since 2008, is one of the employees who are blind/ low vision and play a significant role in that. … Continued