Introducing Payton Polk, STEAM Student and APH-Papano Scholarship Recipient for 2021

Introducing Payton Polk, STEAM Student and APH-Papano Scholarship Recipient for 2021  In June of 2021, APH announced¬†a new scholarship for¬†students who are blind or low vision!¬†The Peter¬†Papano-APH STEM Scholarship is offered for students living in¬†California¬†and planning on pursuing post-secondary¬†education¬†at a¬†California¬†college or university and¬†majoring¬†in¬†a STEM subject¬†area.¬†This blog¬†highlights¬†Payton Polk, one of three recipients of¬†The Peter¬†Papano-APH STEM Scholarship.¬†Congratulations Payton!¬† APH: Hi Payton! … Continued