Teaching Environments for a Vision Rehabilitation Therapist (VRT) Who is Blind/ Low Vision

Editor’s note: Vision Rehabilitation Therapist Appreciation Week is observed annually over Anne Sullivan’s birthday, April 14th. Are you interested in learning more about vision rehabilitation therapy (VRT) as a possible career? Visit Get Learning – AER (aerbvi.org) to read about the roles and responsibilities and Directory of University Professional Programs in the U.S. and Canada … Continued

SEE-THROUGH Podcast: Seeing Through the Disability

Editor’s note: Lance Johnson’s SEE-THROUGH podcast tackles topics relevant to the blind, low vision, and disability communities. If you are blind or low vision and interested in learning how to host a podcast, read Max Ivey’s blog, Creating a Podcast When Blind or Low Vision, and article, How To Create a Podcast, on APH VisionAware. … Continued

Thriving With Changing Vision by Adapting Year After Year

Zelda Gebhard doesn’t identify as a person with low vision, because she’s so much more than that. “I’m a whole person,” she says. “Along with my career, I’m a wife, I’m a mother and a grandmother. I have a full life with interests and hobbies. I’m not that much different than a person who doesn’t … Continued

The Gift of Low Vision and Higher Education

Yokasta Urena, MS.Ed., Sp.Ed., TVI Doctoral Candidate at New England College Email:  Yokasta.urena1@gmail.com Instagram: beyond20201 The educational journey for people with low vision and blindness can be challenging. It is precisely those challenges that empower us. They build our character and can empower us to create lasting change in the lives of others. “If we … Continued

What is Bioptic Driving?

Every day many young people are given the news that obtaining a driver’s license is not in their future due to blindness or low vision. Adults also face this challenge but with the possibility of losing their license. This news, no matter the age, not only has an emotional impact but also has an impact … Continued

Transition to College: Program Activity Guide for Students who are Blind or Low Vision

Editor’s note: Do you work with students who are blind or low vision? Do you want to empower them to prepare for college or career school? Check out Alicia Wolfe’s updated blog on the Transition to College: Program Activity Guide for Students who are Blind or Low Vision. Additionally, tune in to APH ConnectCenter’s next … Continued

APH Announces STEM Scholarship Winners

APH is proud to award scholarships to students who are blind or low vision, supporting them in pursuit of higher education. Recognizing the growing demand for people with skills in advanced technologies – and how viable those fields are for people who are blind or low vision – APH’s 2022 scholarships focus on aspects of … Continued

APH CareerConnect and NSITE Connect Join Forces to Empower Job Seekers

Editor’s note: The APH CareerConnect and NSITE have joined forces to update The Job Seeker’s Toolkit. It’s long been said there’s strength in numbers. That’s why APH CareerConnect and NSITE have come together to help improve one number in particular: employment rates among people who are blind or low vision.    It’s no secret that employment … Continued

Low Vision Exam. What is it? Who Needs it? What comes next? 

Editor’s note: Join us on June 15, 2021, @ 12:30 pm (EST), for the second of two webinars in which Dr. Alexis G. Malkin, OD, FAAO, and David Bradburn from HumanWare will provide an overview of assistive technology and services that help people with low vision perform everyday tasks. Using the state of Massachusetts as an example, the presenters will illustrate the needs, available services, and funding for 3 different groups, namely: … Continued