Happy Holidays and Happy Mentoring to You!

With the holiday season in full swing, and perhaps a wee bit of free time (said in my best Irish accent). Have you considered devoting a few hours of your holiday reprieve to guiding and shaping younger or less experienced individuals who are also blind or low vision? Perhaps it’s time to reach out and provide encouragement and counsel as … Continued

Intimidated, but Proceeding Regardless, as a Professional Who Is Blind or Low Vision

Time and again we are face-to-face with that which is intimidating on the employment journey—how true! From initially choosing a career and preparing for it, to walking into nerve-wracking interviews, beginning a new job, assuming additional responsibilities, recovering from mistakes or “failures”, learning up-to-date technology, and taking calculated risks to advance in the career, there … Continued

Meet Denna Lambert: Visually Impaired Disability Program and Project Manager at NASA

In March 2017, Denna Lambert was a presenter at the AFB Leadership Conference in Alexandria, VA. She was on a panel where she shared about her life and career at NASA. In honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, we wanted to continue the conversation and share more of her career success. Here’s her story. … Continued

Advancing Your Career Depends on Your Next Step

Life is filled with accomplishments and setbacks. I have had my fair share of both. How about you? Many of you may still be basking in the glow of graduation from either high school or college. Excellent accomplishments indeed! Some of you may be disappointed due to some academic issues that have delayed your graduation … Continued

It’s National Teacher Appreciation Day! How Will You Show Your Gratitude for Teachers of Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired?

Today is a day for honoring all teachers in the teaching profession and for recognizing the contributions they have made to the lives of their students. Anne Sullivan Macy, Helen Keller’s beloved teacher, once said, “No greater honor can be paid a teacher than the recognition of her work.” As a Teacher of the Visually … Continued

Blind Ambition Author and Champion Paratriathlete Shared Leadership Principles at the American Foundation for the Blind Leadership Conference

When keynote speaker Patricia Walsh took the stage at the American Foundation for the Blind Leadership Conference (AFBLC), it seemed all were fully engaged and unquestionably riveted. This year’s conference had a record number of attendees, and I’m confident I’ve never heard any AFBLC audience as quiet as when Walsh shared her anything-but-dull Paralympic adventures … Continued

The Most Valuable Resource of a Leader Who Is Blind or Visually Impaired

Recently we acknowledged we already are leaders; leadership isn’t a position, but a quality. Leaders, remember, are ones who influence others. So dear leader who is blind or visually impaired, I thought we should discuss your most valuable resource on the job. Is it your assistive technology that enables you to work efficiently and at … Continued

Re-Think Leadership, You Already Are a Leader

Can I have ten minutes of your time? First, listen to a six minute TedTalk entitled, “Everyday Leadership” and second, let’s chat. In the talk, you’ll hear Drew Dudley share his opinion on leadership. Here’s a summary, which omits his engaging story and in no way encompasses his full scope of thoughts: Most people think … Continued

Red Lobster’s CEO Talks to CareerConnect Readers About Leadership and Career Success

APH CareerConnect’s focus as of late has been on career advancement for those who are blind or visually impaired. We prepared a free eLearning course entitled Maintaining Employment and Advancing Your Career and offered several supplementary blog posts such as, It’s Spring, Let’s Focus on Growth. [Your Career Advancement, That Is.] But I wanted more. … Continued