DeafBlind: Behind Screens

Editor’s note: As the holidays approach and gatherings ensue, remember that the goal is not to prove yourself, a person who is blind or low vision, as worthy because you’re capable, independent, and mannerly. Enjoy your family and friends. George Stern, who is DeafBlind, shares a personal story about holding himself to an unnecessarily high … Continued

“What Did You Say About Frogs”?: Deafblindness, An Incomplete Introduction 

Editor’s note: In recognition of DeafBlind Awareness Month, George Stern shares his personal perspective on deafblindness. George is a deafblind Afro-Caribbean immigrant who’s interested in all things food, linguistic, and social justice. As a French major in college and someone more generally embedded in the Black and immigrant experience in the U.S., his particular interest … Continued

The Case for Adults With Low Vision Learning Braille

When Louis Braille invented braille, it revolutionized the way people who are blind access written text. As we celebrate his birthday and World Braille Day on January 4 – and Braille Literacy Month throughout January – it’s a good time for adults with low vision to consider learning braille.  Of course, there are many tools for people with … Continued

Parents teaching children to be their own best advocate is the lesson of a lifetime

It’s not unusual for parents to advocate for their children, even if they’re not blind or low vision. But Wendy Hardman and her husband, John, like many parents, did something even more valuable for their son, Cole: They taught him to advocate for himself from the start.   Cole, who is now 34 years old, was … Continued