U.S. Navy Veteran Loses Vision Yet Keeps His Career on Course  

By the time Captain Benjamin Keeley began losing his vision, he’d already established his own company after amassing decades of experience. And today, although he’s semi-retired, he continues operating his successful business and runs a nonprofit. The fact that he has no vision in his right eye and limited vision in his left hasn’t slowed … Continued

For This APH Executive, Taking Chances Led to Career Success 

Paul Schroeder has always been a bit of a risk-taker. Despite losing both his eyes to retinoblastoma – cancer of the retina – by the time he was about two years old, Paul’s parents encouraged him to engage in the same activities his older brothers did. That included riding his bike in the street, climbing … Continued

Perkins’ Compass Program Prepares Students for College Success

This nine-month virtual learning experience focuses on individual needs. By Amy Lynn Smith It should come as no surprise that Perkins School for the Blind – one of the best-known and most highly respected educational institutions in the world for students who are blind/ low vision and those who teach them – encourages students to … Continued