Hear from a Leading Voice in Braille Literacy and Library Access

When you consider the distinguished career Kim Charlson, M.S. has established in the field of library science, it’s hard to believe she ever wanted to do anything else. But the fact is that she began her college studies planning to become a disability rights attorney. In her last year in college, however, she began to … Continued

Second Acts: From Programmer to Braille Transcriptionist

Steve Dresser had a solid career working for 30 years as a computer programmer for the state of Connecticut. But after he retired from the position in 2002, he started his own business: Jennco Productions, which is dedicated to producing high-quality braille materials from electronic documents. Blind since birth due to retinopathy of prematurity, Steve … Continued

The Case for Adults With Low Vision Learning Braille

When Louis Braille invented braille, it revolutionized the way people who are blind access written text. As we celebrate his birthday and World Braille Day on January 4 – and Braille Literacy Month throughout January – it’s a good time for adults with low vision to consider learning braille.  Of course, there are many tools for people with … Continued