Celebrating the Diversity of Hispanic Heritage with Albinism

Editor’s note: Kayla Ludlow, a college student who is proud of her Hispanic heritage, shares she does not look Hispanic due to albinism. Read on to learn how Kayla publicly dispels stereotypes. Celebrating the Diversity of Hispanic Heritage with Albinism Kayla Ludlow loves being a Latina. She’s proud of her Hispanic heritage – her father … Continued

APH Huntington:  A Program to Enhance Resources and Outcomes for a Rural Area

Editor’s note: APH Huntington recognizes the barriers to accessing services for those who are blind or low vision living in rural areas. Lee Huffman, APH Huntington’s Senior Strategist of Accessible Technology and Community Outreach, shares how the program is enhancing resources and outcomes for the local community of Huntington, West Virginia. APH Huntington:  A Program … Continued

U.S. Navy Veteran Loses Vision Yet Keeps His Career on Course  

By the time Captain Benjamin Keeley began losing his vision, he’d already established his own company after amassing decades of experience. And today, although he’s semi-retired, he continues operating his successful business and runs a nonprofit. The fact that he has no vision in his right eye and limited vision in his left hasn’t slowed … Continued

Celebrating Helen Keller: Her life, her achievements, and her indelible influence 

The story of Helen Keller has been told so many times – in so many ways – that it might be hard to believe that some younger generations don’t know about Helen and her achievements. Even more important, countless people probably aren’t aware of the significant influence Helen Keller had on the lives of others, … Continued

Navigating Vocational Rehabilitation Services as a High School Student Who Is Blind or Low Vision! 

In a previous blog post (Game On!  Networking Your Way To Becoming A Brave And Brilliant Professional) we discussed some first steps to take when spreading your wings, including knowing what it takes to network. In this post, we will explore the wealth of transition resources available at your local Vocational Rehabilitation Services office.   The goal … Continued

From Sharecroppers’ Daughter to a Leader in the Blindness Field

Ever Lee Hairston is proof that anyone can emerge from the humblest of beginnings to become a leader in their field.   Born with retinitis pigmentosa, which over the years has left her blind, Ever Lee picked cotton as a child on the plantation in North Carolina where her parents and grandparents were sharecroppers. She considers … Continued

For This APH Executive, Taking Chances Led to Career Success 

Paul Schroeder has always been a bit of a risk-taker. Despite losing both his eyes to retinoblastoma – cancer of the retina – by the time he was about two years old, Paul’s parents encouraged him to engage in the same activities his older brothers did. That included riding his bike in the street, climbing … Continued

Success Story: Tai Tomasi: Championing Accessibility, Diversity, and Inclusion for Herself and Others

When you grow up as one of 27 children adopted from all over the world, embracing diversity comes naturally. That’s certainly true for APH’s Director of Accessibility, Diversity, and Inclusion, Tai Tomasi (she/her/hers), J.D., M.P.A., who joined APH in January 2021.  Blind since birth, she considers herself fortunate to have grown up in a family … Continued

Gearing Up for Success: Exploring Career Possibilities with Vocational Rehabilitation Services!

In a previous blog post (Game On!  Networking Your Way To Becoming A Brave And Brilliant Professional) we discussed some first steps to take when spreading your wings and knowing what it takes to network: meeting and engaging with peers and other professionals. In this post we will explore the wealth or resources that exist … Continued