Five Tips for Creating Individualized Transition and Employment Goals

Editor’s note: Do you work with transition-age youth who are blind or low vision? You’re invited to The National Transition Conversation: 2023 APH CareerConnect Transition & Employment Resource Round Up on Tuesday, May 9, 2023, from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM EST. We hope to see you there! Read on to learn about supporting adults … Continued

U.S. Navy Veteran Loses Vision Yet Keeps His Career on Course  

By the time Captain Benjamin Keeley began losing his vision, he’d already established his own company after amassing decades of experience. And today, although he’s semi-retired, he continues operating his successful business and runs a nonprofit. The fact that he has no vision in his right eye and limited vision in his left hasn’t slowed … Continued

From Self-Conscious of Blindness to Self-Confident and Successful: Meet Gena Harper 

Gena Harper works at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management as the Senior Vice President of Wealth Management and the Senior Investment Management Consultant. She provides custom financial planning and simplifies it for her clients. Her role consists of marketing to acquire clients, complex financial analysis and planning for individuals, investment research, plan implementation, ongoing monitoring, and … Continued

Meet Satauna Howery: Voice Actor and Small Business Owner Who is Blind

Hold on to your hats and be prepared to be wowed! You’re about to become acquainted with the spirited and engaging Satauna Howery, a skilled voice actor and small business owner who happens to be blind. We’ll dive into Satauna’s early life—the experiences that shaped her career trajectory—and hear her advice for other individuals who … Continued

There’s an App for That: Preparing Your Child Who’s Blind or Low Vision for a Successful Transition to Adulthood (The 4to24 App)

Recognizing that planning for life after high school starts early for students and youth with blindness and low vision, the APH ConnectCenter shares resources on both APH FamilyConnect and APH CareerConnect.  Along with our curated resources, Mississippi State University’s National Technical Assistance on Blindness and Low Vision created one such tool: the 4to24 mobile app. … Continued

The Places Internships May Take You

by Lindsay Kerr When I interviewed for an internship at 19, I never would have believed where it would take me or the connections I would make.   Looking back almost eight years, the only questions I remember my interviewer asking me were, what my career goals were, and what assistive technology skills I had. As a bonus I told him that I lived in … Continued