Your Personality Color and Where You Shine: Information for Work-Oriented Individuals Who Are Blind, Visually Impaired, or Fully Sighted

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Last night I went to an “understanding your personality color” workshop and soaked up the information as much for myself as for the purpose of relaying it to you. Okay, it was technically entitled “The Four Lenses 4-Temperament Discovery”, but that doesn’t sound exciting or personal enough for the likes of my personality color combination.

While there, I answered a series of questions about how I would respond to various situations, and my score tally revealed my personality color order: blue (characterized by connection, empathy, and care), orange (characterized by variety, fun, and adventure), gold (characterized by order, methods, and leadership), and then green (characterized by analytics, details, and logic).

Everybody will have the above four “colors”, but will have them in any respective order. Depending on your level of self-awareness, you may know your order without taking the assessment. If you aren’t sure, I recommend taking a personality assessment ASAP.

The benefit to recognizing your personality, temperament, or in this case “color order” is heightened self-awareness.

As my particular assessment tool pinpointed, you interpret yourself and the world through a distinct lens shaped by your personality and experiences. Figure out the “color of the lens”. You’ll have a better idea of your values and preferences; you’ll get a sense of where you really shine.

Your aptitudes and motivations are not as random as you may believe. If you know your dominant personality color or type, you can better understand your needs, your natural strengths, your feelings, and what helps you succeed.

This information can help you find a complementary career; it can help you pursue activities or endeavors that help you feel satisfied; it can help you identify areas of weakness; it can help you understand “why you do what you do” and even “why you want to do what you want to do”.

After identifying your personality through an assessment, learn how your strengths and values relate to your career. Utilize APH CareerConnect’s Job Seeker’s Toolkit for People who are Blind or Visually Impaired; note the first module is “Self-Awareness”.

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