Why Older Workers Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired Should Continue to Pursue Employment Opportunities

Photo of older woman receiving computer training

What drives someone to want to find gainful employment? Is it the financial return, the contribution to society, or finding success in meaningful work? There are millions of reasons we should want to pursue employment, but there are also many obstacles that can stand in our way, including age-related vision loss. As an older worker, you should not let your age or vision loss prevent you from pursuing gainful employment. There are tons of reasons why you should continue to work and there are tons of reasons how you provide good business for employers.

Reasons to Continue to Work As an Older Employee

So why do older persons who are visually impaired want to work? Although we look forward to retirement, working later into your adult years offers many benefits including additional income, opportunity to be with others, a sense of self-worth, the opportunity to learn new skills, health insurance and work-related benefits, and an opportunity to feel productive. These are just a few reasons to continue the daily grind. What motivates you to continue working as an older adult with vision loss?

How Older Workers Benefit Employers

Older workers with vision loss are beneficial to employers. Older workers are capable, dependable, enthusiastic, mature, productive, and flexible. They offer years of experiences to growing businesses. Employers hire and retain older workers because they have:

  • Proven work history
  • Workplace skills
  • Job-related education and training
  • The capacity to learn new skills
  • An understanding of what is required to do the job
  • An understanding of the company’s business

Age is just a number when it comes to employment. You have much to offer and much to gain by continuing your professional life.

Types of Jobs for Older Workers

There are many career opportunities available for individuals of all ages who are blind or visually impaired. As long as you are realistic in your pursuit, the sky is the limit when working as a senior with vision loss. In fact, there are hundreds of older CareerConnect mentors who work as attorneys, bookkeepers, caregivers, college professors, computer programmers, teachers, realtors, social workers, and stock brokers just to name a few. Explore careers and learn about CareerConnect mentors for inspiration for your future employment.

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