Where Are They Now? David Block, Blind Documentary Producer and Director

David Block on the set reading a notebook

Whether you have watched one of his inspirational documentaries or have read one of his articles in the New York Times, you can’t forget about David Block! As a blind documentary producer, director and freelance journalist, David is always hard at work on something new and exciting. Get the inside scoop on David’s latest projects with APH CareerConnect!

He is at it again! For the last few years, David Block has been working on his seventh documentary, Mirror of the Soul! Following the words of the late Winston Churchill, “there is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man,” David’s new film focuses on the therapeutic relationships between individuals with disabilities and horses.

“Horses don’t judge by appearance,” David said. “They look past peoples’ disabilities and recognize the emotions inside. A horse is a Mirror of the Soul.”

David explained that horseback riding provides physical and emotional therapy for individuals with blindness, Cerebral Palsy, Bipolar Disorder, or any other disability. Riding, touching, and even grooming the horse can provide an outlet for anyone struggling to overcome their disability.

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