The First Day of APH CareerConnect: 1 Inspiring Series of Our Stories About Successful People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

Image of four people standing behind a stove on the set of the program Cooking Without Looking.

In continuing our 12 Days of APH CareerConnect countdown with the First Day of APH CareerConnect with a dollop of inspiring stories. Here is a riddle just for you. What one thing comes from the north and the south, has eight eyes (but only six of them work), sixteen extremities, four great minds that work in unison ,yet separately, and shares one successful, independent existence? Give up? To learn about one inspiring story head over to APH CareerConnect’s series on Cooking Without Looking. Read all four parts of this incredible series to get your holiday inspiration of hope, creativity and ideas for success.

But don’t stop there! If you are still uncertain about what you want to do in life or looking for the common thread of why certain people succeed in a career, set some time aside during the holiday to look through the many occupational clustered categories of Our Stories. You will find over twenty different clustered categories to work in and over a hundred personal, true stories of how and why people got into their job field, how they climbed the ladder and now enjoy what they do for a living.

One of the best parts is that you can actually connect with any of the individuals in the stories to discuss things you want to know, get advice, tips and new ideas that will help you along the way. Register with APH CareerConnect to make these connections then get in touch with CareerConnect Mentors who might have the answer you need. Now that’s a great holiday gift!

Now that you read the First Day of APH CareerConnect, go back and read the full 12 Days of APH CareerConnect in the archive of the CareerConnect Blog for 2014. Make sure to take the time to track this blog at the top of the page to get email notifications about new posts. There will be a review of all 12 days tomorrow too.