The 411 on Finding Job Leads As a Visually Impaired Job Seeker

Man working on a smart phone and tablet

Hello, job seeker. I see you’re ready to obtain your very first paid position or are ready to attain a subsequent, new job (whether in pursuit of career advancement or a career change). No matter, this can be an overwhelming task.

Where do you turn when you know the type of job you’d like, but you’re unsure of the companies who are hiring and you’re unsure of the company who will best match with your skill sets?

I’m here to give you four AFB resources to help you concentrate your efforts in finding the right position.

  1. Read Finding Job Leads to learn "three techniques commonly used by job seekers—with varying degrees of success—to uncover job leads. These techniques are described, along with the pros and cons for each strategy."

  2. Read The Fasting Growing Industries in America to locate tools for finding jobs and job trends by state.

  3. Read Working-at-Home to learn how to investigate work-at-home opportunities and avoid potential scams.

  4. Read Working with a Recruiter or Headhunter to learn how to attract and work well with a recruiter.

There you have it. With the information in the above resources, you will be prepared to move forward with your job search. You can uncover job leads using a variety of techniques, research opportunities by state, avoid scams, and be ready to wow a headhunter.