Thank You to Alpha Point in KC!

I enjoyed getting the opportunity to speak to the teenagers from the Alpha Point Technology Camp in Kansas City, Missouri today. I spoke to a group of about 40 participants through a conference call line for about 20 minutes. I was asked to speak about the impact of technology on my life and work.

I think this topic is tremendously important, as technology has allowed me to compete at a high level via access technology software and assistive technology. I was asked to speak about the work of the American Foundation for the Blind and my story. AFB does so much, and we make a large impact in so many different areas. I explained about the AFB family of websites including APH CareerConnect, AccessWorld, FamilyConnect, VisionAware, and I mentioned work of our Public Policy office and AFB Press, as well.

I tried to provide the youth with some advice about employment, life, technology, resources, and adjustment. Yes, I tried to put this all into twenty minutes, but it was only supposed to be about fifteen. I have a hard time letting go of the microphone or telephone in this case.

There are many topics that relate to the aforementioned subjects that I hold passion. If you know me, that probably isn’t hard to believe. It is easy to be passionate about things that have truly opened up your world and made an impact on your life. I just wanted to provide a few quick thoughts for all of you out there in “cyber-land” after my short talk.