Thank You, Mentor! Happy National Disability Mentoring Day

It’s National Disability Mentoring Day! Established by the American Association of People with Disabilities in 1999, this day of recognition and appreciation has become a year-round initiative. But today, we are especially excited to acknowledge the support, guidance, and advice our mentors provide.

We are thankful for our APH CareerConnect mentors who have dedicated their time and expertise to helping job seekers who are blind or visually impaired find gainful employment. Mentors, you have provided us with so much. You have offered us:

  • Insight from your first-hand experience in the workforce
  • Knowledge of workplace accommodations and assistive technology
  • Advice during the disclosure process
  • Clarification by answering our questions
  • Opportunities through networking

You have helped us realize our strengths and weaknesses so we can reach our full potential. You have helped ease our transition into the world of work.

So from one mentee who has benefited from having mentors, I thank you.

If you have a mentor, be sure to thank them and acknowledge their support today (and every day). Thank you, mentors!

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