Spoiler Alert! Like Peanut Butter Found a Counterpart in Jelly, the Beloved Transition Toolkit Has Found its Counterpart in Our Newest Self-Paced Curriculum

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What could possibly enhance APH CareerConnect’s The Job Seeker’s Toolkit? You know it well, I hope; the electronic curriculum that navigates users who are blind or visually impaired through the process of gaining employment. The answer: its complement, Maintaining and Advancing in Employment.

While users navigate through self-awareness, discover the process of career exploration, learn routes to finding employment, and absorb interview advice within The Job Seeker’s Toolkit, users can now attain counsel in continuing and progressing on the job within the new Maintaining and Advancing in Employment Course.

Like its counterpart, Maintaining and Advancing in Employment is an accessible, self-paced, and free course that helps users develop skills and tools that last a lifetime. It all begins with registering with CareerConnect and accessing the curriculum.

Within Maintaining and Advancing in Employment, career-minded individuals who are blind or visually impaired will pursue the following, and participate in related assignments:

  • improve compensatory skills,
  • develop interpersonal skills,
  • continue education and training,
  • improve job performance, and
  • exceed employer expectations.

On a solemn note, the employment statistics for people in the U.S. who are blind or visually impaired are disheartening. We want to prepare folks for work! We know that employment requires more than obtaining a job; it requires keeping a job. Therefore, the content within The Job Seeker’s Toolkit and within Maintaining and Advancing in Employment is essential for successful employment.

The statistics represent real people; they represent you. We want you to obtain employment and flourish at your job.