Sharing the Latest News: APH CareerConnect Connections Newsletter

In case you are not subscribed to our “Connections” list, we wanted to share the latest scoop with you.

APH CareerConnect has not done a newsletter in a long time, but it felt like it was time to let you all know what is going on. You may not have known that APH CareerConnect launched the CareerConnect Blog last week. That is right, AFB trusts Joe Strechay and Detra Bannister with a blog. The CareerConnect Blog will bring you employment related information and advice with a touch of humor and style. The blog will also provide updates on the program, mentors, and other relevant news. Posts will come from Joe Strechay, Detra Bannister, mentors, and professionals from around the United States. Visit the APH CareerConnect Blog! Below, you will read information about the different posts and new sections APH CareerConnect has added. There is a lot going on, and you will not want to fall behind.

In Case You Missed It…

Posted today, a blog post from Detra Bannister, A Great Tip for Professionals Working with Youth or Adults who are Blind or Visually Impaired, a post that provides some tips on the use of APH CareerConnect and the importance of the program.

On July 30th, Detra Bannister blogged about the launch of the newly reorganized “Our Stories” section, which is quite exciting. Her goal was to make it more useful and user friendly. The section is now broken into categories in relation APH CareerConnect’s Career Cluster categories. Visit and read success stories about our mentors and other popular people who are blind or visually impaired. Find out about their work, training, job accommodations, and their path to employment. Read Detra’s post now!

On July 26, Joe Strechay blogged, “Do Your Research on Possible Employers: Your Work will Pay Off!”. The post addressed the importance of researching employers, and why this effort will make a difference during the job seeking process. Read the post now.

On July 24, Joe Strechay posted, “Self-Awareness: Knowledge of Your Own Strengths and Weaknesses Provides an Employment Edge,” a blog post expressing his strong belief in the importance of self-awareness in relation to navigating the employment process and life. Read the post now.

On July 22, Joe Strechay spoke to Alpha Point’s teenagers and decide to blog about it, Thank You to Alpha Point in KC! He spoke about the impact of technology on his life and career.

On July 18, Joe Strechay posted, “The Road to Employment can be a Rough Path” on the CareerConnect Blog. This post is excerpts from a message to a job seeker about his job search. The job seeker was looking for some advice and input on his voyage toward employment. Read this post now.

On July 13, Joe Strechay posted about Christine Ha Working It on MasterChef Season 4, as she releases her cookbook. Check out Joe’s thoughts on Christine Ha’s cookbook.

On July 11th, “Dealing With The Public Is Generally A Great Experience: Bringing A View Of The Positive” posted, it discusses some of Joe Strechay’s adventures and the positives of travel as a person who is blind or visually impaired. The adventures discussed range from airlines to hotels. Find this post through the CareerConnect Blog Archives for 2013 because we are pumping out the posts. Or, you can read it directly now.

On July 9th,“Thoughts From The Road: Dealing With The General Public And Always Being On” posted, this post talks about the idea of always trying to be a positive representative of persons who are blind or visually impaired while traveling and in the public. The piece replays a real situation that happened in an airport. Read this post now.

On July 8th, “Congratulations To The Class Of 2013: A Message To Our Future,” a post recapping Joe Strechay’s experience providing the commencement address at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. The piece recaps the message from Joe’s speech to the youth, families, and faculty in attendance. Read the post now.

On July 1st, posted on the CareerConnect Blog, you can find the initial post about the launch of the Lesson Plans for Teachers and Professionals section. That is right, APH CareerConnect is bringing you lesson plans on career exploration and navigating the employment process. The first set of lessons were designed by Shannon Carrollo. Shannon was a transition specialist in Florida. She uses her creativity and knowledge of transition to design useful transitnon lesson specific to transition in the series, Journey to a Successful Work Experience. This series is just the beginning, as we build out this section. Look for more lessons in the coming months. Read the post now.

Take some time and check out the “Lesson Plans for Professionals and Teachers” section, you will not regret it. The fact is there is even more posted. We added another module of lesson plans called “What is Work?” We also have a few lessons in the “Lessons from the Field” category, you will find out ways to utilize CareerConnect.

“It’s Here!”

Detra Bannister has been working busily with our team to prepare the launch of the reorganized “Our Stories” section of CareerConnect. That is right, we have brought some organization to the section packed with Success Stories about successful mentors and persons who are blind or visually impaired. The section with our new categories related to types of careers and some additional categories. This section just launched, we were just itching to open the doors to it. Take a tour of the section and check out the new categories in the “Our Stories” section now.

In conjunction with the reorganization of the “Our Stories” section come new Career Clusters categories.