Re-Think Leadership, You Already Are a Leader

White clock with words 'Time for Leadership' on its face.

Can I have ten minutes of your time? First, listen to a six minute TedTalk entitled, “Everyday Leadership” and second, let’s chat. In the talk, you’ll hear Drew Dudley share his opinion on leadership. Here’s a summary, which omits his engaging story and in no way encompasses his full scope of thoughts: Most people think leadership is currently outside of their reach and is something to one day step into, when in fact, they already are displaying leadership.

He continues. You affect others now by encouraging them, noticing them, being an example to them, and teaching them by your words and lifestyle. If you affect others, you have changed the worldview of at least one; you have “changed the world.” You are a leader.

Yes! I couldn’t agree more and I’m thankful he enlightened me; enlightened us. That’s what a leader does after all, and he did it well. You can do that. I’m guessing you already do. You notice others and encourage them. You enlighten them.

Furthermore, in a former blog, we spoke of the obvious. We said that as a person who is blind or visually impaired, you are noticed. Eyes are on you and I think this is positive more often than not.

This means the following: You can be an example to others as one who overcomes an obstacle. You can model accepting oneself as is. You can demonstrate that a disability is merely one feature of a person. You can pave the way for others with disabilities to enter and advance in the workforce by displaying your strong work ethic and advocacy in the workplace. You can shape worldviews. You can, as Mr. Dudley puts it, “change the world.”

You are a leader.

So leader, I give you the following resources on leadership attributes. Don’t think of these skill sets as “ones to one day exhibit”, but as guides to honing what you already do.

  1. Building Positive Work Habits
  2. Communicating on the Job
  3. Solving Problems at Work

Did you listen to the talk? What are your thoughts? I’d love for you to join the conversation and shape some worldviews.