Prepared for My Job Interview: A Mildly-Awkward Poem Filled with Resources for Job Candidates Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

woman interviewing man for a job

Prepared for My Job Interview

Put my best foot forward, that’s what I’ll do.

All eyes on me, it’s my interview.

I’ll be prepared; I’ll be ready to go.

See, here’s what I’ve done and know:

I’ve researched the company inside and out.

I know how to give a first-rate first impression, no doubt.

I’ll be on time, shake hands, and introduce myself.

I know the traits, experiences, and accomplishments to share when asked “Tell me about Yourself.”

For every common interview question I’ve rehearsed an answer,

And because it’s irrelevant, I’ll not mention I was a dancer.

I’ll affirm the position precisely complements my experience and strengths,

Don’t worry; I’ll not discuss my weakness at length.

I know the questions I will ask,

They’ll demonstrate I’m up for each task.

I’m prepared to disclose I am blind,

I’ll discuss my job accommodations and present my working portfolio to give peace of mind.

I’ll thank my interviewer by name,

And I won’t say, “Those questions were lame!”

I’ll follow up with a thank-you note, but I won’t be a pest,

I hope that out of all the candidates, I’ll be chosen as best.

If you are blind or visually impaired and preparing for an upcoming interview, please read the links embedded in the poem, as well as CareerConnect’s Interview Preparation and Interviewing Tips articles, and listen to Interviewing: Top 10 Tips.

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