Pre-Employment Lesson Plans for Consumers with Multiple Disabilities

We previously discussed occasionally wishing we had a lifeline (in “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” terms) when it comes to teaching our students who are blind or visually impaired with multiple disabilities. We want to ensure we’re not overlooking important skill sets, we wonder what practical skills are imperative for students with multiple disabilities succeeding in the workplace, or we’re new teachers and want a starting place. As a lifeline, I offered pre-employment skills and activities for consumers with multiple disabilities.

Today, I’d like to bring APH CareerConnect’s lesson plans to your attention. They are geared for use with young teenagers who are blind or visually impaired preparing to transition to college or the workforce. I want to be sure you know many are appropriate or can be tailored for our consumers with multiple disabilities. Take note of the following FREE series of lesson plans.

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Free Lesson Plans for Students with Multiple Disabilities

Social Competency Topics

  • Social Skills – provides consumers with an overview of verbal and nonverbal techniques for conducting themselves considerately, appropriately, and positively
  • Assertiveness Training – equips consumers to acknowledge their interests, desires, and concerns; advocate for what is important to them; manage conflicts; establish boundaries; and decline requests
  • Stress Management – presents endeavors and relationships that enrich emotional health and well-being, equipping consumers to manage work-related stress before it feels overwhelming

Employment Readiness Topics

  • What Is Work – builds an understanding of the basic components of work, such as planning and fulfilling responsibilities, contributing to a group, and working towards a shared goal
  • Journey to a Successful Work Experience – prepares teenagers who are blind for summer work experiences
  • Transition to Work: Program Activity Guide – prepares students for competitive, integrated jobs and careers
  • Problem Solving – introduces a systematic approach to problem solving through a motivating, practical application: fundraising for a celebration or field trip
  • Leadership Training – presents the self-advocacy and social skills necessary to become an effective leader
  • Money Management – introduces clients to spending and saving money intentionally and wisely

I hope you will find these series helpful. If you are familiar with additional lesson series or resources for working with consumers who are blind or visually impaired with additional disabilities, do share them in the comment section below.