New Year, New Challenges: Dealing with Vision Loss on the Job

Simulation of scene as viewed by a person with glaucoma. The scene is of two boys each holding a ball. In this scene, the faces of the two boys, which are in the central part of the picture, are distinct and in focus. However, the rest of the scene on the periphery is dark and cannot be distinguished.

Every year we are faced with new, unexpected challenges. Whether we are struggling with our resolutions, finding a new job, or going back to school, we can never quite know what the year will hold for us. This is especially true if you are experiencing vision loss.

Imagine you go for your usual eye exam and the doctor tells you that you have lost 40 percent of your vision. Where did it go? Believe it or not, glaucoma, the sight-stealing disease, can develop without you even noticing. With more than 3 million people in the United States with glaucoma alone, the disease is on the rise. Talk about new challenges!

Vision loss, no matter the disease, sure can cause a lot of problems in your work and personal life. So how are you supposed to handle this drastic change? How will you deal with your vision loss on the job?

The following resources are great for learning how to cope with your changing vision:

If you have glaucoma or if you have recently been diagnosed, be sure you have a full understanding of the disease. It is important to know what is going on and how to make the most of your visual impairment. In fact, a great place to start is by reading a Patient’s Guide to Living with Glaucoma. And while glaucoma might not be curable, it is treatable.