New, Self-Paced, and Free: Our CareerConnect Course, Maintaining and Advancing in Employment

The words 'incapable' and 'unemployed' on a chalkboard, with 'in' and 'un' crossed out to spell 'capable' and 'employed.'

Did you catch the blog post where I announced the arrival of our new baby?

She’s freshly born, all 8 lbs 6 oz of her. Healthy as can be; Mom and baby are doing great.

But seriously, did you visit her–err, it?

It’s our newest online course and, I’ll be honest, we’re kind of like proud parents.

You see, the content is a big deal. We had the Transition Toolkit, a venue for learning how to get a job as an individual who is blind or visually impaired. It touched on how to maintain employment, but not explicitly.

So we decided to create the Toolkit’s counterpart, a venue for learning how to maintain a job as an individual who is blind or visually impaired. Actually, not only does it cover how to maintain employment, but also how to advance in your position. It teaches you the general skills you need to stand out as a skilled, valuable asset to your company-team.

Within Maintaining and Advancing in Employment, folks who are blind or visually impaired will pursue the following topics, and participate in simple related assignments:

  • Improve compensatory skills,
  • Develop interpersonal skills,
  • Continue education and training,
  • Improve job performance, and
  • Exceed employer expectations.

A big deal, right? Without question, these skills are as important to gainful employment as the skills necessary to find a job. Definitely worth a small investment of your time. [Don’t worry, it’s not an investment of your hard-earned finances; it’s free for you!]

So get comfy and go meet our new baby. To do so, follow this link.

Happy learning!