Monthly Favorite: May

Alright CareerConnect readers, as promised I have re-read this month’s blogs searching for my favorite to share with you all. Out of all the blogs, one stood out more than the others. APH CareerConnect’s Shannon Carollo writes multiple blogs a month jam packed with important knowledge, tips, and advice for readers. This month Shannon wrote a blog including all of the above but gathered all the information from personal experience. And what’s better than learning from experience? Learning from foreign experience.

Helen Keller with Polly Thomson in Fukuoka, Japan, 1948

Shannon’s blog:#LearnedInJapan: Employment Advice Absorbed from Japan for Employees who are Blind or Visually Impaired, is packed with interesting advice for the workplace making readers feel as if they too have traveled to Japan.

Today, technology and other modernism’s have somehow shrunk the distance between countries across the world and have made interaction and businesses across seas more possible and hugely growing. It is very important to know the business styles and tactics performed by other countries and cultures. Whether you work with international partners or not it is important to absorb the manners from others. From Japan Shannon gathered four very important employment manners that will help all those who are employed or looking to become employed.

To re-cap, the four points of advice to remember from Shannon are:

  • Emphasize presentation.

Highlights: presenting yourself in both a professional manner, marketing yourself.

  • Greetings, goodbyes, and appreciations matter.

Highlights: General greetings are customarily important, utilize the Elements of a Conversation lesson plan.

  • Schedule time to de stress and rest.

Highlights: Good scheduling avoids stress, the use of the Stress Management lesson series.

  • Protect the reputation of others.

Highlights: Avoid embarrassing others, steer clear of gossip, and use proper social skills.

Be sure to read Shannon’s blog, which featured early this month, to read more into detail the advice she learned from her stay in Japan. Remember when traveling to absorb things around you including things that will help you in your professional career.

Now it’s your turn! Leave a comment in the comments section below telling us your favorite blog or story this month and why. I look forward to reading your favorite’s!