Maintaining Employment As a Person with a Visual Impairment

Group of multi-ethnic business partners discussing ideas

We recently discussed landing a first job as a person who is visually impaired. We reviewed what it takes, from sound blindness-specific compensatory skills to sufficient interview preparation, and I mentioned we would continue the conversation to discuss what it takes to maintain employment as a person who is blind or visually impaired.

To maintain standard, competitive employment:

  • It takes satisfactory Orientation and Mobility.
  • It takes proficient literacy via braille or print-with-magnification and typing skills.
  • It takes use of assistive technology for note-taking, computer use, and access to print.
  • It takes organization of your work space; time; and print and electronic documents.
  • It takes negotiating job accommodations.
  • It takes negotiating assistance.
  • It takes courteous social skills. This entails using proper body language which will be visually interpreted.
  • It takes displaying consistent positive work habits.
  • It takes presenting oneself professionally with good hygiene and mature clothing choices.
  • It takes exceeding employer expectations.
  • It takes appropriate problem-solving techniques.
  • It takes staying relevant in one’s job field by continuing education and training.
  • It takes self-awareness, likely gained from pursuing constructive criticism. If a necessary compensatory, technology, interpersonal, or job-specific skill set is inadequate, pursue training.

Please utilize our free, accessible, and self-paced Maintaining Employment and Advancing Your Career eLearning course to guide you through developing many of the above characteristics.