Job Applications Inquiring About a Driver’s License? Discriminatory—Here’s Why

"Hello ma’am, are you hiring," one can ask relentlessly around town; ‘Job opening in _______ field’ one can type in the search bar and scour the web with more intensity than a private detective. When determined to find a position, the hunt is on for an assortment of job applications in hard copy and electronic format. As we then fill out form after form after form, it’s easy to spot similarities—one of which is, "Do you have reliable transportation," or worse, "Do you have a valid driver’s license," even when driving is not an essential job function. While the former is arguably tolerable, the latter is arguably discriminatory. It’s a lose-lose for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

If yes is checked—well, that’s not completely honest, and you’ll have to backtrack, likely leaving the employer uneasy.

If no is checked—well, the application is likely to be dismissed before an explanation is read.

On the apparent grounds of searching for a reliable employee, the employer has discounted a (let’s assume) reliable, fully qualified candidate who doesn’t have a driver’s license because of a visual impairment. (Yes, the definition of employment discrimination.)

This is truly frustrating and very often impeding.

Learn former CareerConnect program manager, Joe Strechay’s, thoughts on the matter and hear how he addressed the issue with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission in the blog post "Attention, Employers—This Is Employment Discrimination: Do you have a driver’s license?"

So, what are your thoughts on the matter and how do you address the issue? We’d love to know.

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