It’s Valentine’s Day and You’d Love to Secure a First Job

Red and white Valentine's Day card with red hearts

Happy Valentine’s, my friend. Maybe your mind is on your special date this evening or perhaps it’s on Singles Awareness Day (It’s legit, look it up!). Regardless, allow me to turn our attention from that ever-so-cute and chubby cupid to that ever-so-overwhelming and important job hunt.

Take heart, folks who are blind or visually impaired can be successfully employed. Case in point—browse APH CareerConnect’s success stories and note the variety of jobs held by people with visual impairments.

Yes, it’s possible for people with visual impairments to secure jobs, as well as exceed expectations and advance in careers. I think this begs the question for first-time job seekers, what does it take to land the job and perform well?

Let’s focus today on what it takes to land the job, and thereafter we’ll focus on what it takes to excel in the job.

APH CareerConnect is here to guide you through these processes. Here you can gather expertise and ask questions. However, don’t forgo working with a local service provider; if you do all of the above, you will be best equipped to land your first job—one I hope you will love!