Is Braille Useful on the Job?

The year is 2017… and wow, our third-grade selves would be shocked to see those digits. Speaking of digits, it seems the world has gone digital. Text messaging is preferred over post-it notes. LinkedIn is the networking tool of choice. Auto draft is the way to bill-pay. Fly to San Francisco for a job interview? Not necessary. There’s a video conference call for that. You get the picture.

So, in this information and technology age, is print outdated and irrelevant? No way! I still jot notes, read books and magazines, create labels, use maps, and more. Same goes for the usefulness of braille.

And just how can braille be used in a job setting? Check out these examples and add your own in the comments section!

Hand moving over text in braille

Using Braille on the Job

  • The meeting is still going on? Wish you could check the time unobtrusively? Two words—braille watch.
  • Taking notes in the meeting? You’ll probably want use a NoteTaker or laptop with a refreshable braille display.
  • Need to read a book or document and you need/want a little space from technology? Hard-copy braille is your friend.
  • If you want to read a book, pamphlet, or document, braille (whether a hard copy or refreshable braille display) can be read more quickly than speech can be listened to. Choose braille.
  • It’s the office fridge and it holds a selection of your frozen meals (or if you’re like me, a variety of frozen burritos). Label the packages with, of course, braille.
  • Whether you like to keep a tidy office and have a few cleaning products on hand or your job entails cleaning, do yourself a favor and braille-label the chemicals.
  • Jotting a quick note or phone number? There’s a slate and stylus for that.
  • Have an upcoming speech or presentation? Lucky you; you can follow along with your notes using your hands, meanwhile looking up toward the audience.
  • Your job requires filing, filing, and (sorry) more filing, the braille-labeler is your BFF.
  • Heading to Red Lobster for a work lunch? First, I’m jealous. Second, braille menus. [Hey, remember that time Red Lobster’s CEO gave us advice on leadership and career success? That was cool.]
  • Traveling for work? You’ll be thankful for braille in elevators, on bathroom doors, on ATMs, on hotel floors, and at public transportation ticket machines.
  • Sure, you can listen to an audio calendar, but sometimes it’s just plain nice to have a braille calendar on the wall or at the desk to help you gather your wits.
  • Need to review a tactile map? You’ll want braille for that.

I look forward to reading what you all add to the list!

Yes, it’s 2017 and braille is still relevant.

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