Intentionally Networking This Holiday Season as One Who Is Blind or Visually Impaired

December—a wildly busy month threatening to burst the seams of the calendar. Maybe you and your family members are involved in a handful of "extracurricular activities" and have been invited to celebrate the holidays with a number of individuals and organizations—not only Christmas with your loved ones or Hanukkah with friends who might as well be family, but also a holiday party with your karate class, an invitation to be the plus-one for your significant other’s workplace celebration, and a New Year’s social with your friends and friends of friends. If you’re not quite sure if you’ll RSVP because you’re more comfortable staying home, you have a lot going on, or you’re exhausted at the mere mention of the month of December, I hear you; I also want to push you just a bit out of your comfort zone. These opportunities are more than they appear, for they are networking opportunities.

picture of African American man shaking Caucasian woman’s hand with background of culturally diverse individuals

Supposing you are looking for work, a better-suited job, or are open to an advancement within a new workplace, carefully consider accepting most all holiday socials. Take a risk and get to know others in addition to enhancing your current relationships.

How to Intentionally Network This Holiday Season

Here are my suggestions for preparing to intentionally network this holiday season:

Lastly, for those whose December is anything but busy—take initiative! Perhaps you can host a gathering for friends and friends of friends. Maybe you can ask a friend or significant other if there is an event you can attend alongside him or her. You may also want to consider a hobby or social group you can join.

Get involved and have fun!

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