How to Stay Current in Best Practices As a Professional in the Field of Blindness

September marks the arrival of autumn—brilliant swaying leaves, invigorating crisp air, warm drinks soothing our chilled hands, and chunky cable-knit sweaters adorning us all. (That is, unless you live in Florida! Shout out to that great state I once called home.)

Regardless, I think I speak for all when I say this change of season and accompanying weather is welcome.

I’m reminded of our ever-changing field of blindness and visual impairments. As time progresses, our students/consumers become more diverse, as does the world into which they’re integrating.

So, how do we become more knowledgeable on the unique needs of our recent clients (think: the rapidly growing population of individuals with brain-based visual impairments)? How do we keep up with today’s research-based best practices? How do we stay on top of ever-evolving technology?

Three words: AFB eLearning Center.

We offer a wide variety of courses and webinars to help you stay current in best practices and earn continuing education credits. Topics include:

It is a privilege to provide these resources for you, as you provide the education individuals with visual impairments use to lead rich lives at home and in the workplace.

Career Specific Information for Professionals Working with Individuals with Vision Loss

If you are looking for some resources to help your students or clients prepare for employment, check out these CareerConnect resources: