How to Improve Your Organizational Skills on the Job As an Individual Who Is Blind or Visually Impaired

In order to increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy, as well as reduce frustration on the job, your work space and time should be well organized. Consider the following tips and suggestions, implementing what would ease and streamline your workflow.

Organize Your Workspace

  • Remove unused and unnecessary supplies and tools from your desk or work space. De-cluttering your area can greatly simplify your work-life.
  • Systematically file important electronic and hard-copy documents. This will reduce the amount of time you spend searching for papers, records, and files. It will also keep your desk and virtual desktop neat and accessible, while keeping any personal information out of others’ sight.
  • Use an organizer in your desk drawer. Make space for your magnifier, stylus, 20/20 pen, chargers, and/or braille paper. Always keep your tools, devices, and supplies in their intended location.
  • Use accurate and easy to read labeling. Consider braille labels, large print labels, or bar codes.
  • Make sure the labels of files or folders in print or electronic formats clearly portray the materials included.

Organize Your Time

  • Create achievable goals for each work day. Break down goals into actionable or quantifiable tasks.
  • Order your tasks by importance, completing essential duties before nonessential.
  • Instead of multitasking, focus your full attention on one task until its completion.
  • Schedule time for that which increases your success and work-related value to your organization. Examples include time spent networking and receiving training for job-specific skills.
  • Use your cell phone’s alarm feature and set a reminder for a few minutes prior to an important meeting.
  • Use a calendar system and live by it. This could be print or electronic.

We would love to hear your tips on staying organized at work. Please leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

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