Find Out How Sharon Fridley Connected People Throughout Her Career: Read Her CareerConnect “Our Stories” Piece!

Are you still trying to decide what to do for a career? You’re not alone. Many youth and adults spend time contemplating different careers and jobs. APH CareerConnect®’s “Our Stories” section provides an opportunity to read about successful people who are blind or visually impaired. Find out about their employment, job accommodations, and use of technology.

For our latest addition to “Our Stories,” I connected with Sharon Fridley, and I hope to give you some information and referrals inspired by her line of work.

Sharon Fridley, now retired from the West Virginia State Rehabilitation Agency, spent many years fielding questions from callers around the state and beyond. In her story for CareerConnect you will see how I&R specialists are a critical part of the equation when someone is looking for help, researching options, and putting together a plan to get back on their feet after vision loss. With careful attention to detail and highly refined listening skills, a good I&R specialist can steer people in the right direction and help them to avoid common pitfalls. Read Sharon’s story to find out more!