Ending August Artist Appreciation Month: Celebrating Blind and Visually Impaired Artists

When you think of art what comes to mind? For many people, they think of the bright colors or textures that they can see with their eyes, but what about artists or art enthusiasts who are blind or visually impaired? Art is more than something you can see. It can be something you feel and experience without sight. Art is also something that individuals with vision loss are turning into a career.

John Bramblitt and Jeff Owen Hanson are just two examples of blind or visually impaired artists who are making a career out of painting.

John Bramblitt is a blind American artist living in Denton, Texas who has been featured on CBS Evening News, ABC, NBC, FOX, Discovery Channel, and BBC Radio and TV. His art has received much recognition including the “Most Inspirational Video of 2008” from YouTube, three Presidential Service Awards for his innovative art workshops, and his work has been sold in over 30 countries.

Jeff Owen Hanson is a visually impaired artist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur from Overland Park, Kansas. He is best known for his “One Million by 20” campaign in which he donated more than one million dollars in acrylic canvases to over 100 charities worldwide all before turning 20 years old. Jeff was also named “Young Philanthropist of the Year” by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Although John and Jeff are exceptional artists, they are just two professionals with vision loss who are working in the field. There are many more individuals who are blind or visually impaired making a career out of painting, ceramics, and even photography, including some of CareerConnect’s very own mentors!

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Learn more about John Bramblitt’s story and artistic process on his website: http://bramblitt.myshopify.com/.

Learn more about Jeff Owen Hanson’s journey and philanthropy by visiting his website: http://www.jeffreyowenhanson.com/artist/.