Computers Installed with Assistive Technology Offered as Low as $50 for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Job seeker who is blind or visually impaired,

You know the necessity of assistive technology in the workplace, but perhaps you are experiencing a recent loss of vision or for any number of reasons have yet to become proficient in blindness and low vision accessibility software enabling you to perform job functions excellently.

If the missing link between you and getting hired and achieving workplace success is owning a computer and learning to use it efficiently as a person who is blind or visually impaired, yet the burdensome cost of a computer and accompanying assistive technology is a barrier, I come with a wonderful resource for you.

As outlined in the October 2014 issue of AccessWorld, Computers for the Blind can provide you with a refurbished computer or laptop and installed software and assistive technology. Learn more about what is provided here.

Information on Cost

Any individual who is blind or visually impaired can take advantage of the $110 cost of a desktop or the $130 cost of a laptop which includes accessibility software and a typing program.

An individual with a visual impairment on SSI or SSDI can email a copy of the award letter to Computers for the Blind and is eligible to receive a $50 desktop or $70 laptop with software.

Lastly, if you are a parent of a child with a visual impairment, your child’s teacher of students with visual impairments can email Computers for the Blind stating the child is in need of a computer or laptop with assistive technology software. You are eligible for a $50 desktop or $70 laptop with software.

Note: *The $50 desktops and $70 laptops are available through a generous grant from the Delta Gamma Foundation.

Obtaining a Computer

To obtain your computer, which has an approximate two-week turnaround, begin by contacting Computers for the Blind.

Contact: Computers for the Blind
Phone: (214) 340-6328

Our community is grateful for the dedication of Computers for the Blind. It is easy to see why it is the recipient of a 2017 Access Award.

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