Commence the [Super Fun] Discussion: Who Is Your Favorite Fictional Employee Who Is Blind or Visually Impaired?

Man in business suit adjusting his collar.

We usually cover heavy topics, I know. Today let’s kick back, relax, and discuss a downright-fun topic. Who is your favorite fictional employee who is blind or visually impaired?

I can’t wait to hear about your favorite character from a book, TV show, or movie, and the accompanying reason he or she was chosen.

As for my favorite fictional employee who is blind or visually impaired, I have to choose the character of Auggie Anderson (played by Christopher Gorham) from USA Network’s Covert Affairs. He works in the CIA as a technical genius and a guide (called a “handler”) for the uncover agent and his on-again-off-again love interest, Annie Walker. Auggie occasionally joins Annie on undercover missions, and I love it when he does.

I chose Auggie as my favorite fictional employee because his character is levelheaded throughout chaotic circumstances, charming, stylish, witty, brilliant, concerned with others’ well-being, and a problem-solving mastermind.

In my opinion, he represents the blind community exceptionally well. Auggie demonstrates that he can do all that his sighted peers can do (minus driving); I’d say, in fact, his job performance and dedication far outshine his coworkers’. Viewers of the show watch as he independently travels, uses a range of assistive technology, and assertively requests and declines assistance. It’s clear that Auggie is capable, confident, and an invaluable member of the office team.

I must also mention Auggie’s social skills. He is likable, funny, and protective of his buddies. He may actually be a little too likable, as the single ladies swarm him. (He doesn’t seem to mind.)

Curious folk should check out this VisionAware interview; Maureen Duffy had the enviable task of talking with the actor who plays Auggie, Christopher Gorham. It’s a captivating piece.

Share your favorite character and why. I’ll read all your comments.