Celebrate Independence Day: Accept Invitations to Work-Related Events Without Stress

spectacular fireworks over a body of water

Are you somebody who dreads getting an invitation to a work party?

Almost all jobs are positions held on a team. It is in the best interest of the entire team to be cohesive and unified. Whenever possible, participate in team-building activities and outings to encourage team unity. If invited to a holiday party or recreational get-together, choose to be a participating member. Your superiors will appreciate your effort and you may find your job satisfaction increasing when you take time to get to know your colleagues. Additionally, view these activities as opportunities to enhance your network relationships and demonstrate your loyalty the team.

Take time to prepare for the events. Find out the formality and standard dress for each occasion, and prepare for the specific activity. For example, if the team is bowling and you have little bowling experience, consider practicing a few rounds with friends before you go with your coworkers. You will gain confidence, feel less anxious, and more easily fit in with the group.

A few more tips:

  • Overeat, but don’t overdrink! The last thing you want is to tarnish your reputation by acting like a fool because you drank too much.
  • Prepare conversation topics that are not work-related.
  • Assuming you are blind or visually impaired, go to the location ahead of time and receive orientation and mobility training. You could also work with someone you trust to build your own orientation with assistance as needed. Either way, you’ll feel more comfortable in the environment.

When you get that invite to the Independence Day barbecue this year, don’t sweat it. Practice your grilling skills, dress for the occasion, and go network! Your participation will be appreciated.

If you are a teacher or professional working with an individual with vision loss, help prepare your consumer for work-related functions by using the Social Skills lesson series. You can also access these lesson plans through AFB’s CareerConnect App via Apple iTunes.