Can Happiness Happen at Work for Someone Who Is Blind or Visually Impaired?

A woman and a visually impaired young man working with an ipad

Imagine this: You are working overtime for the third week in a row, and you are having difficulty completing your latest project. No one is helping you met your quickly approaching deadline, and you feel extremely overwhelmed. You have missed your favorite TV show, your best friend’s birthday, and your weekly R&R all week because of this one task at work. You are frustrated and ready to give up.

So, is it possible to turn it around? Can you make happiness happen at work despite all of the chaos? Can you manage to find ways to be positive and stay focused during the busiest week yet? I bet you can!

We have all had days, even weeks, where we are unhappy at work. Whether that is due to a crazy workweek or issues at home, we have all experienced this at least once in our adult life. Fortunately, each day we have a choice. We can choose to stay buried in our own misery or to gather the energy and be happy.

But what are some ways to make happiness happen at work when you are having a bad day?

After searching through lists and lists of “things that make people happier at work,” I have finally picked out a few of my favorite ways to relieve stress and create positivity for my busy work day. Here are some of my favorite ways to turn a day around:

  1. Get Pumped Up. Mornings are not for everyone, so getting up and heading out the door can be a struggle. When I am feeling tired or sluggish, I like to find ways to get pumped up for work. For some that may be exercising before work, jamming out to your favorite song on the ride over, or giving yourself a little pep talk before walking through the office door. Remember, you got this!
  2. Have the Right Mindset. Having the right mindset is a must. When I am really stressed out about work or school, I have to adjust my perspective. I have to realize that I am doing the best I can. I can’t sit there and compare myself to my coworkers or fellow classmates. I have to remember that I am more than my job or the class I am taking. Just because I am struggling with one aspect of my job does not mean I am a failure.
  3. Plan for the Unexpected. We all plan out our workdays, but are we planning for interruptions? To keep stress levels low, try to plan for the unexpected as efficiently as possible. Make your list of things that need to be finished, prioritize them, and then take off two to three things that don’t need to be accomplished by the end of the day. We tended to over plan the amount of work we can actually get done in a single day. Concentrate on the important tasks first and don’t let the unexpected ruin your workday.
  4. Get a Helping Hand. When you are swamped at work, it is beneficial to ask your coworkers for help. Working together can improve efficiency and help meet deadlines. If you are responsible for a project, try delegating different tasks to those who are helping you. You don’t have to tackle the world alone. Asking for help doesn’t indicate that you are insufficient. If you do ask for help, make sure you have an attitude of gratitude. Say thank you and appreciate their contributions.
  5. Take a Breather. Sometimes we just get stressed no matter how many precautions we take. When you are stressed to the max, take a break. We must learn to relax no matter how challenging the work gets or how demanding our bosses become. We must take a breather and realize we are doing the best we can.
  6. End on a High Note. Before leaving the office at the end of the day, review all of the things you have accomplished. If your list isn’t very long, don’t worry. Encourage yourself and others for a better day tomorrow. If you overcame a difficult project or if you got everything finished, reward yourself for your hard work.

Try implementing this into your routine. Let us know how you make happiness happen at work in the comments below!