Blind Ambition Author and Champion Paratriathlete Shared Leadership Principles at the American Foundation for the Blind Leadership Conference

When keynote speaker Patricia Walsh took the stage at the American Foundation for the Blind Leadership Conference (AFBLC), it seemed all were fully engaged and unquestionably riveted. This year’s conference had a record number of attendees, and I’m confident I’ve never heard any AFBLC audience as quiet as when Walsh shared her anything-but-dull Paralympic adventures of epic proportion.

I have the mental image of Patricia laying on top of her bike in the back seat of a mini SUV [rear hatch open, mind you!] with her running guide [yes, she is totally blind] speeding to the triathlon. You see, her bags, which held her uniform and disassembled bike, had been lost by the airline, and Patricia and her guide, wearing makeshift, piecemeal “uniforms” which were almost prepped with puffy paint race numbers, received her equipment with minutes to spare. Patricia scrambled to assemble the bike, only to realize it didn’t fit in the SUV. She used her body weight to secure the bike and off the duo zoomed to the starting line. Patricia may have been jarred—but that didn’t stop her from a record-breaking win!

Yes, she certainly had our attention.

Guiding Principles of Leadership

Patricia shifted gears and shared her career journey as an [award-winning, mind you] engineer, which was somehow as captivating as her adventures, and the leadership principles she’s learned along the way. Here are her guiding principles that we are wise to absorb:

What a treasure it is to glean from Patricia Walsh, who is at her core, a leader. Remember, a leader is one who influences others can captivate and influence us she did effortlessly.

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