Are Your Unemployment Challenges As a Person with Vision Loss Making You Bitter or Better? You Have a Choice.

Bitterness is a feeling many of us experience during our lives. Life can be hard; especially when it is not going as we’d like or planned. Challenges in life come in many forms such as financial problems, relationship issues, a disagreement at work, etc. Letting those challenges cause us to be resentful or angry is easy to do. However, choosing to respond differently to challenges in life can make a big difference in our overall success as a person both personally and professionally.

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Are you having challenges meeting your employment goal as a person who is blind or visually impaired? If so, your instinct may be to feel sorry for yourself and to succumb to believing nothing will improve your situation of being unemployed. Perhaps, you are ready to give up on your employment goal. Don’t. It’s time to get out of the rut you may be in and refocus your thinking to continue your job search.

Remember, how you choose to respond to your personal challenges as a job seeker with vision loss can make a big difference in your overall success to locate and land a job. Instead of wavering in your fortitude, I offer you a few suggestions to overcome your employment challenges and reach your greatest potential as a future employee.

  • Let your mind be your biggest asset. Avoid letting your negative thoughts create a roadblock between you and your future job. If you think you’ll never get offered a job as a person with a visual impairment, your negative thoughts will most likely influence your behaviors during an interview and possibly the outcome. By replacing your pessimistic thoughts with optimism, you will bolster your self-confidence in your abilities as a person who is visually impaired. Tell yourself you can get a job and believe it!
  • Allow yourself to risk rejection during your job search. When you do, you will be giving yourself an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and improve your skills. Continue to put yourself out there.
  • Be productive. When we fall short of success, our natural response can be to “throw in the towel.” If your job search has been unsuccessful, persevere and continue to build your positive work habits; choose to relish on your will to obtain employment in the workforce as a person with vision loss.

Take these challenging moments in your job search as an opportunity for reflection. Looking for a job is hard work. Consider ways you can push yourself to improve, recharge your motivation, and be unstoppable in your job search until you are employed.

Share your progress with other readers. How are you choosing to overcome challenges in your job search to improve (or better) your chances of becoming employed?

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