Are You Looking for Funny and Educational Multimedia About the Employment Process for Youth?

A teenager in a suit and tie reads his notes, preparing for a job interview.

Well, APH CareerConnect has offered the Aaron’s Adventures in Employment Series for a while now. I just wanted to reintroduce you to AFB’s great friend, “Aaron.” The truth is the star of this series lives in Huntington, WV. He is a young man who is visually impaired or blind. Aaron attended a science camp through our Huntington office a number of years ago, while he was in high school or even middle school. This was all prior to my joining the American Foundation for the Blind. An idea came about to make a video about dressing for an interview, and the idea was developed into what is now titled Dress and Impress.

You even may have spoken or corresponded with Aaron over the past four years. While he attended Marshall University, he also interned in our information and referral program in our AFB Huntington Office. In the last year, you may also have read his articles in AFB’s free online technology magazine, AccessWorld. Yes, this is the same “Aaron” that was featured in the Attitude Adjusters and other pieces. You may have been interacting with a star without even knowing.

The Aaron’s Adventures in Employment Series uses comedy to address serious employment issues that youth and adults who are blind or visually impaired encounter. I joined AFB during the development of the rest of the series. I can tell you that the issues that “Aaron” deals with in Attack of the Coworkers came from a few phone calls and emails with friends who are successful and blind or visually impaired. A few of my friends and I discussed issues that we faced when starting a new job, dealing with many of the misconceptions about visual impairment and blindness. Just to give you an example, it could be the person thinking that you have super hearing or that you can feel the difference between denominations of bills (without folding or using a system).

There are many situations that persons who are blind or visually impaired face during the initial period of a new job, and the series provides some tips and advice on dealing with those situations. There can be more severe situations, but humor and education can go a long way. Most persons with disabilities deal with these situations inside of work and outside of work. Sometimes you want to address it and other times you may just be too tired to do it. It is typically better to address the situation, but I can tell you that I have slacked on occasion too. Each piece has about three main points or lessons, please check out the pieces today. You will also find the College Ready Challenge in that list of pieces, it was based off a presentation that I do around the country, just a few basics. AFB used a talented writer to develop these scripts, and she was so talented AFB had to bring her on to our staff. Anne Durham developed the scripts for us based on the main points that we wanted to address.

An additional resource that can be utilized can be found in our Lesson Plans for Teachers & Professionals section, under the category of Lessons from the Field. You will find some good activities to use in conjunction with the Dress and Impress piece in this section.

Check all of the Aaron’s Adventures in Employment pieces out today!

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