Alexis Read Story: Exploring Forensic Science

Alexis Read sitting at desk holding a framed certificate

You may remember Alexis Read from her previous AFB Our Stories piece under the rehabilitation section. Alexis has recently contacted AFB in an interest to further share stories of her life as a visually impaired employee and community member.

Last month Alexis wrote a story detailing the importance of self-advocacy as a person who is blind or visually impaired. The story shined light on a personal experience and offered advice to others on how to and when to advocate for themselves.

This month, Alexis shares a story with APH CareerConnect readers on the importance of hobbies and how to accomplish whatever your hobby may be despite being visually impaired. Alexis tells her story of her journey through forensic science and how she became a CSI crime lab certificate recipient!

Check out Alexis’ newest story to read more about her venture into forensic science!